Here's my story.

I'm Ashish Jaiswar, a Automation EngineerFull stack developer, with some handson knowledge of DevOps. My mission is to build a personal brand, deliver quality work and spread my knowledge to the community. Exploring youtube,blogging and learing new skills.

I'm currently working as a automation enginner at Infosys where i create automated script for health checks(web functionality test) and processes using python and selenium. I have implemented devops pipeline to schedule jobs on daily basis.

Here are a few technologies I've been working:

• Python
• Selenium
• DevOps
• Postman and API's

• JavaScript
• Next.js
• Power BI
• SQL Server

You can find me on Twitter  where I share tech-related tidbits and build in public, or you can follow me on Github . I often write about my findings on my blog


Work experience


Automation Engineer 2020 - 2023

I love to share my knowledge through writing.

Check out a few of my most recent publishings.

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